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FREE Student Practice Group Readings! 

Reading with Practice Group Donation $25.00

If you are interested in learning about how the clairvoyant development and training process works, and would like to receive some useful communication about yourself and your own life or relationships, feel free to book an appointment for yourself this year.

The practice groups are held every Wednesday morning at 10 am PDT and on the second and 4th Wednesday evening at 5 pm PDT. These are the only times we meet. We are usually booked up several months in advance, although feel free to check the schedule in case we have an opening sooner.

Readings will be approximately. 45 minutes to 1 hour long. There is always a facilitator who will oversee the reading. Students range from fairly new (having only done a few readings) to graduates with dozens of readings under their belts. Students will often read in a group so the ones with less experience will often be joined with more experience.

While readings are free, we do appreciate it if you make a $25 donation here if you can afford it, particularly if you are not currently enrolled in a training program.

Your reading experience will allow you to get insight into how students learn and work in addition to hopefully giving you some helpful information about your own life, and healing as well.

Understand that these are not professional readers, and then you will probably be pleasantly surprised as some will be even better than professional readers.

If you’d like a healing as part of the reading (which will be done at the end of the reading), please let the facilitator know in advance.  Readings will be conducted via a telephone conferencing. You will only need a telephone or you can call in via Skype as if you were calling a regular phone number.

Once you book your appointment through the online booking calendar, you will receive an automated message with call in instructions. (You will call in 15 minutes

after the hour, even though the appointment booking system has you schedule at the top of the hour).

Also, please only book a reading if you are certain you can attend (baring an emergency of course). We have had a problem with a lot of no shows for those who are receive free readings and this ends up creating problems and extra stress for Debra, the practice group facilitator and the students.


We also ask that you only book one reading for yourself every two years, since the point of offering this to the public is so they get to experience what the training and practice process is like and what a clairvoyant reading and healing is all about. We also do want to keep some spots open for people who are very much in need of help who can't afford a professional level reading. If you know of someone else who may be interested, please tell them about it, give them the link and let them book themself. It's challenging to read people not open to these topics (that shows up intuitively right away for clairvoyant readers, regardless of anything you say or so!) so we prefer to read people who are open to these subject matters and who genuinely would like to understand themselves, their lives, relationships, situations better. 


Please only book for yourself. If you know of someone interested in the training process who might like a reading, please direct them here so they can make the right decision for themselves.

Thank you!


International School of Clairvoyance Staff

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Please Contact us if you would like to get on an alternate list if we have a cancellation.

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