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Castle/Fort - Debra's Session

Completed on Sept 4, 2013. Started at 10:10 pm, ended at 11:27 pm. Submitted as part of a triple blind experimental project 

Debra's Summary submitted with sketches below, a few days prior to seeing feedback photo.

"Structure is:  Word, "knight" .word, "armory". Reminds me of a Bavarian Design castle-like, medieval, it has been here for a long time.  Massive, angular, tall, has an archway that can be passed through, brick like, reddish, blocks, spire/tower part, green foliage around. In natural Setting. Stone/Rocks around too. Part of it seems to be wall like, reminds me of a tall wall. High up, may have black iron fittings, bars or something like a gate. Structure and nature interface/integrated, nature seems to be part of this, so materials are very natural and it may be built into the landscape or the landscape kind of encourages it.  Landscape may have high and low elements, not sure if it's the landscape that does or the structure. Boxy, but also may have a top that is like a spire or narrow triangular (this part may not be correct at all, couldn't tell if it was flat at top or if there was a bell/gong type ringing, like a really big one, this is what made me think there may be a bell tower nearby, but might not be in photo, didn't see it. At the top of this it seemed slippery, wet, mossy, treacherous, trickling, pouring. A sense that people may go up to the top".

1 month later Debra is suprised to learn she has been assigned this same photo again, not realizing this was possible as it was assigned by a computer that has 500 options to choose from. She had less time and patience, so this session took about 1/4 amount of time as the first.

Debra's Exact Description Submitted to system for researchers:

Heavy Stones, Rocks embedded in cement type of inset, this is repeating

Water, Ocean crashing against. Heavy Structure or part of one, 3rd rectangular base with possible.  

  • Tapered top

  • "Fort or Fortified"

  • Tower like

  • Prison Like

  • Armory

  • Gunnary

  • Embarkment

  • Has "a basement". a basement?

  • A wall around a structure

  • Very tall structure, one that seems rectangular with other

  • Rectangular attachment

  • Progressively getting taller

  • Blocky

Has like a rim around it, maybe where people could have stood but something in Photo that seems like could be more of a circular tower shape, tapered so narrower at the top

Not getting any sense of foliage around, lacking in green or foliage I think, mostly a gray stone like feel. Harsh environment with violent water, history of violence and death and guns and protection. Windows or areas for viewing. People can be up on it, walking around or focusing on guns or canons. May be an issue with not all of the structure being in the photo, like part of it.


word, "planetary", "Divide", "tattooed", "guns", "ladder"

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