What If We Could All Read Minds?

By Debra Lynne Katz (


WE KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE DO HAVE THIS ABILITY ON A LIMITED BASIS, and that many more can learn it with enough training and practice, but an entire society………? This article is the first of several related to the topic of trends and the future of psychic development and the potential evolution of the human race.   Most of us at one time have momentarily considered what it might be like if humans were able to read each other’s minds.  I say momentarily because the thoughts following, “What if…?” are usually followed by, “Yikes, that would be soooo embarrassing…what if my boss or my wife knew what I really thought of them or what I was really up to?!”.  Even worse than others hearing our thoughts, is the idea of us hearing theirs. The ridicule, judgments, envy, and what they really think and feel about us would be unbearable. Usually at this point, most people dismiss the idea fully, convinced that not only would this not be possible, but it would totally suck.

I have meandered through the same line of reasoning many a time when considering and quickly ruling out such a seeming outlandish idea.  However, recently, I allowed my self to wander a few steps further in my imagining of what this might be like.   If you can move past your own discomfort, I’d love for you to accompany me into the land of what ifs and what might be.   IN THE BEGINNING  I don’t know if ALL OUT CHAOS is the best place to begin a journey, but I have no doubt that at first, that is precisely where the world and its all knowing occupants would be.  There would be high highs and the lowest of lows.  Many relationships would indeed fall apart while others would tremendously improve (as often happens when partners who have been afraid to speak honestly about their feelings finally do so).

The unedited truth erupting from unexamined minds would emotionally devastate millions of sensitive souls.  Some would never recover.  The murder and suicide rates across the planet would skyrocket.  Emotions would flare and wars of all sizes would erupt amongst tribes and nations, although war efforts on both sides would be thwarted with the obliteration of concepts such as “classified”, “secret” and “covert”.   What other repercussions or advantages would there be?  Jobs for those who hated them would be lost or transformed.  Some people would go to jail while others would be freed. War efforts would be foiled, politicians would be impeached.

Much of the guessing, the figuring out, the evaluating, would vanish: every citizen who ever wondered whether or not they could trust a person running for office, or applying for a job or asking them on a date or for their hand in marriage would have a lot more information to work with then they currently do. Those seeking work or a relationship or any opportunity who were diligent and devoted people with the purest of intentions and whom had been previously overlooked might now be chosen above their less ethical but perhaps more polished counterparts.

So then, what of those people who didn’t have the best intentions?  What of those who were judgmental, with angry thoughts or even criminal intentions?  On the one hand, many crimes would be stopped before they even happened, at least crimes that were premeditated.  Of course as a society there would be a whole new set of standards and laws put in place.  Surely the potential of having a “thought” police who regulated what people were allowed to think about, and even prosecuted those merely contemplating breaking the law could happen.  This of course could be disastrous for us as a people and something that would need to be worked out early on.  On the other hand, those with murderous or dangerous thoughts who didn’t learn how to curve these would be eliminated from our society.

At risk children would be identified and helped early on in life, rather than is so often the case today, where the extent of their learning disabilities,  or inner turmoil goes unrecognized until it’s too late to help intervene, or when their thoughts turn to destructive behavior.   Imagine what it would be like to hear and properly respond to the thoughts of children too young too speak, to those who are unable to speak due to disabilities, and ever to those in coma’s.  It’s likely that if we could all hear the thoughts of other people, we would have an easier time hearing the thoughts of our guides or loved ones who have passed on as well.

I personally know parents of disabled children who passed on and then in spirit form communicated through mediums or to their parents directly what they weren’t able to say when they were alive.  This is incredibly healing to everyone involved.   The parents often wonder what it might have been like if they had the ability to communicate like this when the child was alive.  If they could read minds, consulting with a psychic when ever they wanted to communicate with their own child would not necessary.

This begs the question of how would we sort out all of the chatter and avoid information/communication overload.  Hopefully, just like is the case for psychics and those who currently have awareness of their telepathic abilities, people in general would be able to or learn how to focus their attention so they get to choose who they are listening to at any given time.  Of course there would be those occasional loud mouths turned loud minds that would need to turn their own volume down or face pissing a lot of people off.