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What If We Could All Read Minds?

By Debra Lynne Katz (


WE KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE DO HAVE THIS ABILITY ON A LIMITED BASIS, and that many more can learn it with enough training and practice, but an entire society………? This article is the first of several related to the topic of trends and the future of psychic development and the potential evolution of the human race.   Most of us at one time have momentarily considered what it might be like if humans were able to read each other’s minds.  I say momentarily because the thoughts following, “What if…?” are usually followed by, “Yikes, that would be soooo embarrassing…what if my boss or my wife knew what I really thought of them or what I was really up to?!”.  Even worse than others hearing our thoughts, is the idea of us hearing theirs. The ridicule, judgments, envy, and what they really think and feel about us would be unbearable. Usually at this point, most people dismiss the idea fully, convinced that not only would this not be possible, but it would totally suck.

I have meandered through the same line of reasoning many a time when considering and quickly ruling out such a seeming outlandish idea.  However, recently, I allowed my self to wander a few steps further in my imagining of what this might be like.   If you can move past your own discomfort, I’d love for you to accompany me into the land of what ifs and what might be.   IN THE BEGINNING  I don’t know if ALL OUT CHAOS is the best place to begin a journey, but I have no doubt that at first, that is precisely where the world and its all knowing occupants would be.  There would be high highs and the lowest of lows.  Many relationships would indeed fall apart while others would tremendously improve (as often happens when partners who have been afraid to speak honestly about their feelings finally do so).

The unedited truth erupting from unexamined minds would emotionally devastate millions of sensitive souls.  Some would never recover.  The murder and suicide rates across the planet would skyrocket.  Emotions would flare and wars of all sizes would erupt amongst tribes and nations, although war efforts on both sides would be thwarted with the obliteration of concepts such as “classified”, “secret” and “covert”.   What other repercussions or advantages would there be?  Jobs for those who hated them would be lost or transformed.  Some people would go to jail while others would be freed. War efforts would be foiled, politicians would be impeached.

Much of the guessing, the figuring out, the evaluating, would vanish: every citizen who ever wondered whether or not they could trust a person running for office, or applying for a job or asking them on a date or for their hand in marriage would have a lot more information to work with then they currently do. Those seeking work or a relationship or any opportunity who were diligent and devoted people with the purest of intentions and whom had been previously overlooked might now be chosen above their less ethical but perhaps more polished counterparts.

So then, what of those people who didn’t have the best intentions?  What of those who were judgmental, with angry thoughts or even criminal intentions?  On the one hand, many crimes would be stopped before they even happened, at least crimes that were premeditated.  Of course as a society there would be a whole new set of standards and laws put in place.  Surely the potential of having a “thought” police who regulated what people were allowed to think about, and even prosecuted those merely contemplating breaking the law could happen.  This of course could be disastrous for us as a people and something that would need to be worked out early on.  On the other hand, those with murderous or dangerous thoughts who didn’t learn how to curve these would be eliminated from our society.

At risk children would be identified and helped early on in life, rather than is so often the case today, where the extent of their learning disabilities,  or inner turmoil goes unrecognized until it’s too late to help intervene, or when their thoughts turn to destructive behavior.   Imagine what it would be like to hear and properly respond to the thoughts of children too young too speak, to those who are unable to speak due to disabilities, and ever to those in coma’s.  It’s likely that if we could all hear the thoughts of other people, we would have an easier time hearing the thoughts of our guides or loved ones who have passed on as well.

I personally know parents of disabled children who passed on and then in spirit form communicated through mediums or to their parents directly what they weren’t able to say when they were alive.  This is incredibly healing to everyone involved.   The parents often wonder what it might have been like if they had the ability to communicate like this when the child was alive.  If they could read minds, consulting with a psychic when ever they wanted to communicate with their own child would not necessary.

This begs the question of how would we sort out all of the chatter and avoid information/communication overload.  Hopefully, just like is the case for psychics and those who currently have awareness of their telepathic abilities, people in general would be able to or learn how to focus their attention so they get to choose who they are listening to at any given time.  Of course there would be those occasional loud mouths turned loud minds that would need to turn their own volume down or face pissing a lot of people off.

LOVE UNBOUNDED If every thought revealed were of a judgmental, critical, pain evoking nature, it is likely that this would lead to the destruction of human kind in no time at all.  However, what would counteract this would be the unmasking of thoughts reflecting the deepest love and respect that we harebrained humans often are most fearful of expressing.

The extent and depth of the loving thoughts would not just surprise, but bring people to their knees in shock and in gratitude and many would have to work through the depths of grief for having lived so long without every realizing it was there.  Not only would we hear the loving words and accompanying feelings from those who know us best, but from complete strangers.  Have you ever contemplated how many strangers out there desperately want the best for you and would risk their own lives to save you?

I know that’s hard to believe, but what if you really observed this for yourself?   Furthermore, with telepathy unbounded, those cheerful masks hiding our deepest longings and needs would shatter, leaving us open books for others to read and respond to.  Loved ones and strangers alike would hear us when we wonder, “Wow, does anyone really care?” or when we realized “I need a hug”, “I need some help”, “I need for someone, anyone to just to acknowledge I exist right now”.  Simple needs, that we so often keep to ourselves because we don’t want to be a burden would be met.  We would also get to experience the truism that when we give someone else a chance to help us, we are giving them the opportunity to feel tremendous joy and purpose.

HUMAN EVOLUTION Despite the initial turmoil, I believe what would eventually happen would be nothing less than the biggest advances in human evolution since the invention of the wheel, fire or even chocolate. 

Millions of people would be instantly motivated and eventually successful in learning how to control their thoughts and behaviors – or their behaviors than their thoughts (psychologists have debated since the inception of psychology what comes first and are still out to lunch on the subject).

Like those of us who have somehow already stumbled upon the roller coaster path of self awareness: who have consciously worked with the concept of releasing judgments, speaking from our hearts, aligning ourselves with those we enjoy and parting ways with those who aren’t healthy for us, the rest of society would be forced to follow suit.  They would learn how control their emotions, which isn’t about masking or shutting down any of them, but rather learn how to have distance from these so we don’t get swallowed up in them.  Millions of people who previously never really paid much attention to what they were thinking, would join us in the act of self assessment, walking side by side on the path, turned highway, of self actualization.

Over time, it would be those who could accomplish the above who would have the greatest chance of surviving and excelling. Again, I’m not talking here about those who learned how to mask their thoughts, but rather those who learned how to genuinely love and appreciate their fellow man despite all perceived weaknesses and flaws that they currently are so quick to judge.  (Yes I know, my idealism is showing).

  Speaking of masking thoughts: When I presented this scenario to my brilliant and slightly more cynical sister in law a while back (She is one of the main editors on the hit TV teen show, “Gossip Girl” – there has to be some irony in there somewhere), she pointed out that as soon as people realized their thoughts could be read, they would surely stop at nothing to develop the technology that would block this.  She felt that they would be successful, and those who had access to their technology would become the rulers of those who did not.  She did have a point, but so far there are many things we haven’t been able to invent, so perhaps this wouldn’t be in the cards.

THE MISSING LINK While to many, this entire scenario is highly implausible; it’s one I’m holding out for.  I am quite certain that until human beings can be much more, if not completely honest AND psychically aware, there will be little hope of freeing ourselves from what authors David Icke, and Alex Jones are referring to as  “the Prison Planet”.    Alice Bailey, a late 19th century aristocrat turned fanatical Christian turned mystic and psychic teacher turned prolific author wrote that she believed the most important factor in human evolution would be people’s realization that their thoughts and emotions create their physical reality.  Half a century before the bestselling film/book “The Secret” was released, she was teaching her students about how thoughts and emotions are energies that can be channeled into producing divine creations, instant manifestations and a fulfilling life.

Conversely, she demonstrated how those who did not have control of their thoughts were like owners of stampeding wild animals, left unattended as they trample and devastate entire civilizations. She felt this awareness would motivate people to learn how to control their thinking which in turn would help them to manifest positive life experiences. She believed that once a certain amount of people understand the dynamics of creation and their own power in this, the scales would tip, mass consciousness would soar and utopia would only then become a reality.

 IS MINDREADING BY THE MASSES POSSIBLE? As a psychic teacher, working with numerous students 5 days a week, I can tell you that everyone already has this ability to some extent.  It’s just our logical minds and our unconscious minds are in cahoots with those of most everyone else’s and are hell bent on convincing us that we aren’t really hearing or aware of what we suspect we may be hearing or seeing or feeling or knowing.  I’m not saying that even the best psychics today can read every thought of every person.  I’m extremely telepathic and yet what I’m hearing from people when I do my best to tune in is probably less than one percent of what they utter or think on a daily basis.  (With the exception of certain men who probably only have a few thoughts a day, for those silent but strong types, my percentage goes way up).

But what my students and I do hear are their innermost and truest longings.  We hear their voices that say, “I can’t stand to be in this relationship or job a moment longer”, those that say, “I will do anything I have to help my loved ones” or those that say, “I will do what ever I want and no one can stop me”.  Of course sometimes we hear less meaningful statements such as “This psychic stuff is bullshit” or “I don’t want to interrupt her but I really have to pee” or “I wonder if I hadn’t brought my wife along if she would have agreed to go out with me”.  The point here is that there are many people already spontaneously reading minds, hearing the thoughts of others, feeling others pain and emotions and being impacted by their energy without realizing it.   One of these people may be you!

WHAT QUALITY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR A PSYCHIC?   Also, as a psychic teacher, it’s become quite clear that those students who are the most talented, those who do the best in their training and ensuing practice, are those who are willing to face the truth on every level.  I discuss this in great detail in my three books, “YOU ARE PSYCHCIC”, “EXTRAORDINARY PSYCHIC” AND “FREEING THE GENIE WITHIN”.

I also give specific techniques so just about everyone can learn how to do this. THE PARADOX As a society, the path of honesty is obviously not one that many of our most seemingly “successful” people have taken.  In fact, some of those who have earned the highest positions in government, amassed the most power and wealth, have been some of the most devious and untruthful among us.  This fact makes it hard to convince others at this point in time that my plan for human transformation from deceit to absolutely honesty is one not only worthy of consideration, but of implantation.   Still that won’t stop me from doing my part in giving as many people as possible the tools necessary to hear the innermost, authentic voices whispering or screaming from the depths of their own selves and others.

Despite our overall resistance and fear of the truth, it does seem like we are being catapulted towards it.  With our most recent financial collapse of the world markets, new technologies that allow us to travel anywhere in a day or communicate with anyone just about anywhere instantaneously, and with the assistance of pioneering teachers and authors who are helping people deprogram themselves from the lies and veils imparted upon them by society, I do believe that we are much closer to the truth and the healing that accompanies it then any of us even realize.

So for the BIG question.  Are YOU ready to face the truth?  I know it’s a scary proposition.  Even for me.  Sure, I have made the commitment to do what I can to be more honest with my thoughts and emotions.  But am I personally ready to be completely 100 percent lay my undies out on the line for all the world to see honest?  Am I ready to let my friend know that yes, her but does look enormous in those uncomfortable jeans she overpaid for and is much too old, I mean, ELDERLY to wear?  Am, I ready to let my partner know that when he tells me I mismatched his socks or failed to make the bed properly that I want to tear every bit of his remaining hair out of his head – like all ten strands?!?!?!?  Wow.  That felt good.  Yes.  Maybe I am.   How about you?

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