Not all prayers are created equal!

The art of helpful prayer and how to ‘send energy’ without depleting oneself or compounding the problem”

By Debra Lynne Katz

I always have mixed feelings when I hear someone, via social media, as well meaning as they are, calling upon a group of people to generically send energy over to someone who is ill. On the one hand I’m filled with a sense of appreciation for the request. With all the bad news on T.V., it is more than encouraging to be reminded that so many people are loving and will do what ever they can to help total strangers.

But I also am concerned about these calls for prayers because I know that a lot of the well meaning individuals don’t understand energy/thought form dynamics. They don’t understand how to heal in ways where they won’t confound the problem, or deplete themselves.

So what are we sending when we send “prayers” and “energy”? The person needing healing actually may in fact be ill precisely because so much emotional energy and thought forms from others have been sent to him already, that he just can’t take it anymore. This can lead to headaches, backaches, stomachaches, exhaustion, confusion, and eventually manifest on a real physical level as an illness. What that person really needs is to be clear of most other energies, including thoughts forms & emotions (suffocating, desperate or fear based prayers) so he/she can experience their own.

I know this is concept going to hurt some people’s feelings who just have the best intentions and I hate the idea of that. I’m not in the least saying stop caring or helping, I’m just saying get educated so you are in the best position to continuing helping as many people as possible. Also, know that less is sometimes more and more is sometimes less. A single individual/healer who understands how to work with energy, may in fact be more effective than a large group of people who don’t. Of course a large group of trained healers or mediators can work wonders. There is so much about this in the parapsychology and “heart math” literature as well. (Dean Radin’s books are a good place to start with this as is Lyn McTagert’s, “The Intention Experiment”).

The good news is energy healing is actually a lot easier and simpler than many people think. It doesn’t take years to perfect or hours to do or complex understanding of the physical or spiritual anatomy. It’s someone people can learn on their own from books, other healers, etc. Sometimes, simply watching on a clairvoyant level what happens during effective healing and emulating this is the best way to learn.

I’ve been doing clairvoyant readings of thousands of people over the past 20 years and this comes up frequently. When looking at someone’s field, an “energy” for lack of a better word will show up unexpectedly, often as a color, or cloud like visual.

Further probing of this (probing in the same way when a shape appears in a remote viewing session you’d probe it, explore, map it, etc) will often show it’s connected to someone else’s emotions and thoughts. These may be embedded in the person or as in my client last night, her energy was actually extending out to too many others in need, which was causing her to become overly concerned and enmeshed with their problems and issues that didn’t concern her. She came to me because she was aware she had taken on a lot of other’s people’s emotions, and also because some people were getting angry with her when all she was trying to do was help them. What she didn’t anticipate was the idea that she was more in their space then they were in hers. This was because she cared about them so much to the point that she was exceeding the limits of merely offering help, she wanted to see results and changes in them, before they were ready to make these shifts. Also, she thought that if they saw the changes, this would motivate them to return to her on a professional level.

I reminded her that this is why people in helping professions need to be completely detached from them returning, as it creates a conflict of interest. This goes against all marketing advice, yet it’s the best thing we can do for ourselves and clients, aim for them not needing to return to us unless they are doing so just because they enjoy it so much. I noticed for my client, the more these people resisted changing or acting on her advice, the more she moved into their space to get them to do what they couldn’t for themselves. She was capable of doing these things in her own space, but not in theirs. This was a case of her not realizing how valuable even just a few words of wisdom were for them – that this was really her only job rather than “getting” them to change.

When I reminded her that as an intuitive counselor her job is to plant a few “seeds” that will germinate as the client or friend is ready in their own season and time she felt a big relief and I saw her own “field” move back to herself. Bottom line, all the standing over a tiny bud and yelling at it isn’t going to do any good. But moving far away from it, at least enough so it can greet the sun and water and all the good things it needs to grow and flourish on it’s own, will do it wonders.

The old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink applies here. How many of us are trying to make just about everyone in our lives take a drink, and then when they aren