How to View The Future In One Minute Or Less

By Debra Lynne Katz (

THESE ARE “PSYCHIC SPEED READING” EXERCISES FOR ALL AGES All you will need is a stack of paper nearby (not lined!), a good pen and your own mind. The idea here is you are looking for situations that will change quickly AND that will give you instant feedback. Until you have done each of these 100 times, don’t form a negative opinion about your ability! These are all designed to get you to get quick and instant information and verification.  Just be aware that while it’s great to practice these exercises, they are part of a larger practice that involves a lot more time.

Using your abilities to find a missing item or person, describing the location of a nuclear device or the device itself could require hours if not days of describing to the point enough information is gained to help whomever needs the information. If you are serious about developing your abilities it helps to do these “down and dirty” exercises as well as more in-depth viewings/readings.

The exercises I’m including here are all ones you can do by yourself, except maybe the yard sailing one, it helps if someone else is driving while you are doing your viewings. These are perfect for kids and adults and can be done as a family exercise or by yourself (I tend to  recommend that children NOT learn to read people before the age of 18), but these exercises are safe and might actually serve as an interesting alternative to their video games for a minute or two.

CHILDREN’S TEXT BOOK or PHOTO BOOK. Choose a book with a lot of pages and take note of the total page count so you are aware of it.  Set a timer for 1 or 2 minutes max. On your paper, right down a random page number.  Close your eyes, wait for an image or words to come into your mind.  As soon as you start getting something, draw it.  Write down any thoughts you have.  (if you don’t record it, it doesn’t count!).  Then when you are done, take a look at that page and compare.  On your paper, put a star next to the aspects that were correct.

PREDICTING THE NEXT CHANGE IN A TV SHOW. I discovered this exercise one night during a marathon run of old Western movies that invaded my bedroom.  My significant other was completely into yet another John Wayne film and I thought I was going to go crazy from boredom if I was subjected to one more second of it. Since I was feeling too lazy to get out of bed, I decided just to entertain myself to see if I could predict what was about to happen in the next 20 seconds.   It worked!  So after repeated attempts, here is what works best: Watch a movie that you haven’t seen before and know nothing about.  One that involves a topic you wouldn’t normally be interested in can help.  One with lots of action is good.  Decide that you are most definitely going to successfully see what is about to appear on the screen.  Decide on a time frame of when you are going to see it i.e. like within 20 seconds, or the next minute).

Have no expectations. (You might see a man with a beard, you might see a flag, you might see a door being pushed open and 3 men coming in, all which will reveal themselves if you are on target.  It may just be a color or the positioning of how two people are standing that shows up).  Then close your eyes and see what image comes to mind. It will just be a flash, or you might hear something.  Draw what you see and write down at least one word for it, then watch.  Repeat this until you have a success.After the allotted time has passed or you’ve gotten your “feedback” by seeing or not seeing what you wrote down, make a note of where you were correct on your paper and how close to the time frame you were correct.  Sometimes I’m off on my time, but it may be because the next noticeable change in the scene came later.  For example, if there are two people talking at the point you start to view what’s going to happen in the next 20 seconds, and nothing changes in that time, what you saw was probably about the next scene or shot that might not come for 40 seconds.  You don’t want to do view too far out in the future with this exercise because then there may be too many chances that what you saw would come up anyway, so keep it within a 40 second time frame.

YARD SAILING or HOUSE HUNTING We recently moved out to the Mojave desert in California, where there isn’t a whole lot to do on weekends except go to yard sales. With all the foreclosures out here, people are selling everything from their ATV’s, to their underwear to the garage doors freshly ripped from their soon to be abandoned homes.  It’s a lot like the wild west out here. One day I decided I would quickly peak while we were driving to see something about the next yard sale we came to. I saw an image of what appeared to be a rocking horse. This told me there would be a large horse there that was not real.  Sure enough, the next house we pulled into had a large wooden life sized horse on the front lawn!  Alternate: House or apartment shopping – if you are shopping for a home and know you will be visiting several homes that day, you can do the same as above.