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ASK DEBRA: QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is the concept of higher and lower energy frequencies real or is it

Reader writing via instant messaging:

“Hi Debra, I was talking to a women who was saying the terms high and low vibration didn’t exist and that everything is all on the same wavelengths and that nobody is higher than anybody else. What is your take on teaching people about high vibration things vs. low?”

Debra: Hi Jake, here is the thing, there are people in this world that are constantly angry, depressed, negative, in a state of lack, suffering, cut off from their own hearts, joy, creativity and spirit. Then there are others who are just the opposite: excited about life, passionate, in love with life, others, themselves and the miracle of existence and of this incredible planet (as flawed as it and we all are!). Then there are many others who vacillate in between these two states, whether month to month, week to week, even minute to minute!  When one is in joy, creativity, appreciation, the vibration – frequency – energy is so much higher and that person can then create and achieve a lot more of what they want, and uplift others much easier than when they are in the opposite state, which will only bring others down.This corresponds to emotions heavily, but it’s not only about emotions. It may not be that one person is more evolved then another but certainly the one who is reaching that higher state and maintaining it usually has LEARNED and PRACTICED how to do this and keep it up, although genetics, physical condition, environment, personality, relationships can all play a role too. (But these things, environment, relationships won’t stay the same when one raises and maintains their frequency high enough on a consistent basis).So those who can maintain higher states and make conscious use of these for manifesting, healing, an easier existence, do have something more going for them then those who don’t. Would I say then they are more evolved? Well is someone who can run a successful business more evolved then someone who can’t ever make ends meet? Is an olympic athlete more evolved then someone who has a hard time reaching any goal? I’d say yes and no, at least in certain areas they are, not just because they have a talent but because they have a lot going on that helps them make use of this talent. So is someone who is good at maintaining higher energy states more evolved then someone who is constantly down in the dumps and bringing everyone else there. In that respect, yes.However, that negative, angry person may be more developed in other areas. They may have a certain talent that is off the charts and others could benefit from that talent and they probably aren’t always negative and angry either. Most people move through the range but have a greater tendency towards one direction or the other but all can train themselves to head in the direction of the scale that is more uplifting if they so choose.  Part of doing so takes work. A lot of it is mental but some of it is physical and some people will have to overcome greater challenges than others. Again, does that mean they are less evolved? Maybe, maybe not.I don’t think we can define “evolved” in one sweeping term. I think everyone has numerous skills and strengths and weaknesses. A lot of spiritually oriented people and religious people want to think that those who aren’t on their same path aren’t as evolved. Unfortunately, those in the new age community do this as much as those who call themselves Christian. The fact is a person who has no interest in spirituality what so ever but is creative or passionate about their life’s work (whether that is making films or raising children or planting fields or surfing or sky diving)  is often generating very high energy frequencies when they are in a state of extreme enthusiasm. Whether they know it or not, they can than use these high states for their own good and the good of others. If they realize this they can go further than those who don’t because they have more control then. I think quite often you will often find a spiritual side to most of these people too, but not always.The point here is that when it comes to higher or lower frequencies and energy states many of us fluctuate between them. The first step is recognizing that we always have a choice, no matter how terrible a situation we find each other in. You could be sitting in a dentist chair, sitting in court as a defendant, going through a tax audit, what ever, and you have a choice of if you want to fall downward into the tough frequencies that are surrounding these events or lift yourself up. The next step is following certain steps. What are these steps? Well check out my books, and the above classes as that’s what all my work is designed to help with. Whether or not you want to develop your intuitive abilities, developing the ability to move from a lower state to a higher one at will, without the need for help from anyone else will not only make your life better from moment to moment, it could just save it.As far as the lady you talked to, I agree that we have to look out for approaching the subject from a place of ego, however I suspect she may not have reached a higher state of emotional frequency herself because she would then know for sure yes there are huge differences between these states. Those who haven’t reached them can’t understand the difference, but those who have will know immediately what I’m talking about here. Personally, I move back and forth between the states quite a bit, I just don’t get stuck in the lower ones like I used to for very long, no matter what challenge I’m faced with.  This isn’t because I’m more evolved, it’s because I work at this constantly. Now do I work at this constantly because I’m more evolved compared to some others don’t work very much at anything? Hard to say, given most people I know these days do work very hard at many things as my life is now filled with the most incredible people, hundreds, if not thousands of incredible people, thanks to the energy work I’ve done that required me to raise my energy from where it was when I was surrounded by much less enthusiastic, friendly and inspiring people.DebraP.S. when I do clairvoyant readings and healing on people I can tell those who have done a lot of inner, self-development work and/or work with concepts around raising one’s frequency, and the law of attraction, vs. those who haven’t usually in the first 5 minutes without them saying a word. It shows up in so many different ways to a clairvoyant!

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