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I am a certified Master Angelic Therapist/Healer. I do this by channeling energies through me directly from Archangel Metatron. I feel very humbled to do this healing energy work with Metatron and thank God every day to be able to channel this amazing healing energy.

I am able to do healing and attunements at a distant and in-person, and am often times amazed at the results of even my distant healings, which also achieve the same incredible results as in person ones.  With this healing energy we say “feeling is believing”, because you can actually feel the results as they are happening.

I have always had a passion for helping others and giving them guidance to help them heal.  Since I was in my early twenties I have studied and practiced clairvoyance and other types of metaphysical teachings. For about ten years following, I spent endless hours meditating, reading, and learned as much as I could about the art of psychic readings and healing.  I was blessed at the age of thirty to meet the man of my dreams, and to this day we are so very happily married with three boys.  

At the age of 43 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone the dreaded chemo, radiation and about seven surgeries.  When I was going through all of the Yuk of the treatments and surgeries, I decided that once I recovered, I was going to use my innate abilities to help heal and encourage every person who God had brought to me divinely.  

Since I have started back again, I feel like God has strengthen my abilities.  I can actually feel the download of information coming into my head (and sometimes it is so strong it hurts!!). I am able to channel my Angels and Guides with ease. Most of the time I have an instant knowing come through, other times I hear the information or see it clearly. 

What I mostly enjoy is helping people with relationships, self love, and healing on a soul level.  I also work at the International School of Clairvoyance as President of the 100 reading club and facilitate a class for other clairvoyants, which helps them practice their reading abilities.  I love teaching people how to use their abilities and heal their own life.



Angelic Therapy involves healing of the heart, mind, body, muscles, tendons, the whole system is cleansed, rebalanced, allowing us to “live in a body that is functioning at its most optimum levels”.  Removing any doubt and fear, giving us the freedom to explore and move to where we truly need to be, to realize our life’s true soul purpose. During a healing our life’s stories are scanned and healing begins by taking away any part of our life’s Story that doesn’t serve us well.  The healing is painless, very soothing and extremely relaxing.  Aligning your blueprint, repairing your DNA and healing the Auric Field, raising your vibration to a higher level allowing for healing to take place on many levels. The healing energy grounds us and stimulates our thought process, making our thought patterns positive, energized and uplifted.  Helping us to think clearly and to feel very grounded.  Allowing us to see who we truly are from the inside and this has a knock on effect with our whole life.

Angelic Therapy is a new healing modality but an ancient sacred resonance of the highest order. It is essentially a vibration and frequency from Archangel Metatron using his healing vibration, codings and Sacred Geometry. It is very powerful and will transform the lives of those that receive it. It is applied through healing, distantly, in person, attunements, and meditation.



The healing session takes one hour.  At the time of your session, we will speak on the phone. Then you will go lay down and I will sit down to meditate.  After about 45 minutes, you will call me back or I will call you and I'll share my impressions of what happened and what we worked on and you will be free to share your experiences as well, of which you will most likely have many to report.


Everyone experiences the healing energy/vibration/codings differently and unique to them.

You may notice the following sensations. It is how the energy can show itself when it links with the physical form/human body/vessel:


  • Tingling in the scalp/head area

  • Electrical spasms in the body

  • Arm leg twitches, Muscle spasm

  • Feeling tired or feeling energized. Either one is a sign of the healing vibration working with and for you.

  • Losing time – many fall asleep during the session and can be out of it for a few hours. This is usual. It may point to deeper level healing for those who have experienced trauma or abuse on some level or past life memory release.

  • Some may feel a system reboot. It is like switching off a computer. So if you experience a sudden feeling of being out of it/out-of-body, do not fear, It only lasts a few seconds.

  • Emotional release – tears, anger, heightened emotional state – this is release.  As the physical, emotional and mental body release through the divine intervention of Metatron's energy codings . The body needs to do this so it can release the pattern. When it is gone it is gone for good.

  • Dietary changes – can be experienced after the healing session due to Metatron's light vibration as it works to raise your own.

  • Buzzing and body tremors – all sign of release and integration of the Metatronia energy codings/vibrations from Metatron.

  • Discomfort/pain as blockages are released.  (These are usually only for a second then they are gone.  The body holds onto a lot of history/programming/control mechanism and to work through this the energy has to push through. The discomfort can often be the 3D self putting up resistance. The more you surrender and let go the easier the energy can move through the blockages).



Questions?  Email us here for more info.

When you love what you do, you do it well. I love what I do! 

"Without the 6 healings from Michele I don’t think I could of made it though my Divorce. I felt such strength and self assurance that I never thought I would have. My emotions were solid, and I was able to face issues with ease that would normally have made me fall apart. I almost felt outside myself. My physical self is feeling better than in the last 15 years, and my emotional self feels euphoric with positive energy. During the sessions, I felt different sensations like tingling, heat like a blanket was on me, I felt lighter, and when I took a breath in I felt like I could breath forever. I have been totally surrounded by an incredible transforming energy. Also, sleeping had been a issue and now I fall right to sleep.. How could I ever thank you for helping me through the most difficult time of my life".....Ricky



"Michele is a true clairvoyant and healer. As a clairvoyant she communicates accurate and very specific information within any area of my life. Her capacity as a Master  Angelic Healer is indisputable. The effect of her work is both very definite and deep. She removes pain in an instant and adds life force to places within in my body I have never felt before. I am always left with an expanded reality after a session with Michele. Michele's light-hearted and warm nature makes me feel a deep joy. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to expand and strengthen their physical as well as psychic and spiritual experience....Julianne-LE


Michele is OUTSTANDING!! I have received two healings with Michele so far and I have notices a feeling of lightness. I feel my sprit has been rejuvenated and my energy rebooted. Her readings have provided me with peace of mind and have in many cases rejuvenated my spirit. I have also recently done two distance-healing sessions with Michele and have found that this experience was amazing and has given my energy the reboot that it needed. I cannot wait until my next session with Michele!!"...Sal Roberts


"This experience was Amazing! I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly special it is to have this healing with Michele. She is so gifted as a healer and it has enhanced my life so much. I felt so much love and compassion during the healing and a wonderful sense of Enlightenment. The most amazing part of the healing was when I felt an emotional release of past issues that were stuck within my cells. Also, physically I have so much more energy during the day. Michele has such a warm, wonderful presence, which made this experience all the more incredible".....Jen


"Michele is an amazing healer. I've have had several healings with Michele. They have benefited me immensely both physically and emotionally. Her healings are helping to transform my life. They are Life Changing!! . I absolutely love my sessions with her and look forward to my next one because I feel amazing after every one. It is totally a cumlative effect!! . Michele is the best healer ever, and I would recommend her to anyone needing help with the emotional, physical, or spiritual aspect of his or her life"....Dana H.


"I have had 5 healings from Michele. My experiences from the Metatronia Healings have been unbelievable! I wanted to let you know the feeling of lightness was with me for about 3 days afterwards. The pain in my leg went away right away which is so unusual, and my toe which I have had shots in for years for chronic pain went away also. I also had a rushing feeling from my head and face and then my eyelids felt lighter. Thanks so much for relieving my pain!"....Maggie M.


"Michele is a very experienced Master healer. I received several calming and relaxing distance healings from her. I have had chronic headaches which was removed after one of our sessions. She's also a great source of inspiration and a valuable mentor to me for developing my own abilities in giving psychic readings, and I really appreciate that! Thanks, Michele!!!"....Theresa Z.


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