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Location #34

Dieppe Velodrome

This is a velodrome in Dieppe New-Brunswick Canada. The cyclist is doing what is called a flying 200, which means he is picking up his speed for 550 meters (0.31 miles) and sprinting from the top bank for 200 meter (0.12 miles). This is a qualifying time trial at a sprint cycling event. The corner banking have a 45 degree angles to match the natural lean of a bicycle moving through that curve. The straight banking have an 8 to 9 degree angle. For this reason, the biker has to go above the speed of around 24km/h  (15mph) and the bikes have no breaks, as it would be dangerous to slide down the banking. The bike also have fixed gears, which means that when the wheel turns, the pedal will turn also and there are no shifters. To stop, the biker has to do a couple laps to slow down and eventually come to a stop.  This velodrome is completely made out of wood and is located in a public park. The pictures were taken in the fall and the weather was prety cold.

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