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Location #31

Quiraing Scotland

The Island of Skye is situated off the West Coast of mainland Scotland. It is the largest and best known of the Inner Hebrides; Skye is renowned for its natural beauty, history and wildlife. Skye’s history stretches back to the age of the dinosaurs. Dinosaur’s footprints can be found on the shore at Staffin and there are more dinosaur fossils from Skye on display in the Dinosaur Museum near Staffin. There are also fossils of ammonites, belemnites and gryphaea - devil’s toenails - to be seen on the shores around Skye. All over Skye there are the ruins of abandoned houses. Some on higher ground were probably sheilings where the women and children stayed in the summers with the cattle. This system kept the cattle off the arable ground while the men attended to the harvest. Others were simply the result of what we would now a days call upgrading. But there are whole villages of ruined houses. Some were left voluntarily because they had become inconvenient - too far from transport or schools. Others were forcibly cleared by the landlord or factor to make way for the more profitable sheep.

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