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Location #26

Reversing falls

This location is in Saint John New-Brunswick Canada. It is called the Reversing Falls because of a unique phenomenon created by the collision of the Bay of Fundy and the Saint John River. At low tide the river empties into the bay causing a series of rapids and whirlpools. As tides rise they slow the river current for a brief period called slack tide. The Bay's tides continue to rise, gradually reversing the flow of the river, and rapids form again, peaking at high tide. Tide cycles take about 12.5 hours. The videos were not taken during the high tides. The first video is a frontal view of the tides, the second is walking right under the bridge in a little narrow trail and the 3rd is behind view. There is a paper pulp mill ran by Irving in the 3rd video. For more information visit

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