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Location #21

Saint John Regional Hospital

This is in an elevator at the Saint John Regional Hospital in New-Brunswick Canada. The elevator is going upwards to the 5th floor. This is a hospital room on the 5th floor of the hospital. This is on a cardiac surgery and Cardiac stent floor. It is a big department and serving the whole province. It is the largest tertiary care hospital in New Brunswick and is the primary health care referral centre for this area and to all New Brunswickers for major trauma and cardiac care. The 2 videos are located on the 5th floor, the one to the left is in the Cardiac unit, and the one on the left is just outside of the unit. There is a university in the back of the hospital. If you have any more questions about something you might have picked up that is not there. Saint-John is one of the biggest city in new-Brunswick. 

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