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Location #11

Inside Comicon Convention

Comic-Con is a comic book convention, also known as the San Diego, California Comic-Con. This event began in 1970 as a way to increase awareness and recognition of the comic book and science fiction movie industries. The event includes film screenings, interviews, programs and panels that have many tv and film stars present from the most popular productions of that year. It has turned into one of the largest, most popular conventions within the film industry for fantasy type productions. Tickets are awarded on a lottery system and are often booked a year or more in advance. Many attendee's dress up like their favorite characters. These photos were taken inside the large vending area where books and comic-movie related items are sold. Interviews are also held in this area. Debra Katz was taking the photos. She had managed to make it into the convention at the last minute as her son was the only one with a valid ticket. They are not shown in these photos but you might feel a sense of elation as they were very happy to actually get inside the convention and take these photos. There is an emotional sense of excitement and happiness by many of the people fortunate enough to make it inside.  

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