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Joshua Louis

Joshua Louis is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient as well as a conscious medium. His God given ability is used to help others connect with their spirit guides, angels and of course loved ones for direction and guidance. Josh connects with his own higher beings and ascended masters to bring forth understanding to areas of one’s life that may be cloudy.

Using his unique style, Josh incorporates seeing, hearing and feeling what spirit has to give him regarding a message for his clients. Believing in Higher Power he chooses to call God, Josh uses his ability to help people reach levels in their life never attained before and reconnect with loved ones in a very special way.

A young man once with a troubled past, now a business owner,  set out to find the truth regarding the afterlife and got way more than he bargained for. In 2011, Josh was heavily involved in the paranormal seeking the truth and found the he had an uncanny knack for communicating with the dead. He then focused on bettering his ability and dedicated his time to helping stuck spirits cross over when needed.

After an intense year working with an amazing intuitive/psychic in California at the School of Clairvoyance, he sharpened his skills even more working with one of the top three mediums in country based in Florida.

Currently Josh still works heavily in the paranormal field but has spent most time working with individuals to reconnect with their loved ones and spirit guides all the while running his hookah bar/cafe and being a devoted father.


When I first met with Josh I didn't know what to expect. I was kind of nervous, apprehensive and excited all at once. I was afraid I would get myself too worked up for an accurate reading. When I arrived I felt instantly more comfortable, very relaxed. It was easy. We talked for a bit, did some meditation and dove right in. I remember when he asked if there was anyone I'd like him to contact and I instantly thought of my friend Evan who'd passed about a year prior. After a few questions on Josh's end it was like I was talking to Evan, it sounded just like him. And not only was I reconnecting with an old friend but we were working through some things I'd recently been dealing with. It was very therapeutic and opened my eyes to parts of myself I had never been open to looking at. Josh gave me a couple assignments to challenge myself and help me grow. I left there just a little bit changed, awakened to possibility.


I've never experienced a reading before so when I met with Josh I didn't know what to expect. When we first sat down I was super nervous but after a minute of talking to Josh I felt very calm and relaxed. Josh brought my friend Heather forward. The first thing that came to Josh was a sense of excitement and If I could describe Heather in one word it would be excited. I heard exactly what I needed to hear in this session with Josh to have closure with Heather's passing. I'm very happy about my reading and will continue to see Josh for other readings.


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