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Event #9

The fundy footpath

Two hikers, a male and a female (father and daughter) we out hiking in this hike in New-Brunswick Canada called the Fundy Footpath. This is a 31 mile (50km) hike with traitorous climbs and downhills. It took them 4 days to complete this hike. On their second day, they pitched their tent early to try to stay dry from the pouring rain. They had gone about  10-15 feet from a little lake. That night, it rained 4 inches and this little stream of water turner into this waterfall, and the water rose all the way up to their tents. They left just on time, as the water flooded where they were sleeping, just as soon as they packed their stuff. They were then stuck between 2 brooks, as the water rose so much that it was dangerous to cross. They were able to continue their hike on the 3rd day, when the water went back down. This hike goes through the highest tides in the world, therefore tide charts and timing is crucial to get through certain sections. It would be impossible to cross certain areas at high tide.

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