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Debra Remote Viewing Session, Ayers Rock, Australia

This was a practice target offered through IRVA.ORG Focal Point Forum. 


When I ask to know more about the history of this place I see people falling off the very top, people have fallen. 

What else?: It has a long history.  Now, I keep seeing this image of a place to stand way up high and the wall is castle like. There are squares with indents in between and you can see over the edge. 


Purpose?: Hear:  This place brings great pleasure to people now.  A sense of pride.

What was its original purpose?  When I  ask this I see a guy holding up a protective shield. It may be that this place was originally built as a fortress of some kind.I want to say it’s in a foreign land given all I saw in session.  It seems too old for the U.S.


What are some interesting things about the history? Death.  Nature still seems to go on around it. 

Lessons learned here? “You can’t always get what you want!”.

Anything else? : “hear” Money.


I’m going to see if there is a guide or an expert on this area, anyone want to talk? “This place has a history that goes beyond anything anyone could imagine.  It’s been a site of many battles and continues to be on the radar as an important place.  There are hippy type people who come here?  This place is gorgeous.  It will blow your mind.  It has everything, all the elements of land, sea, air, history structures coming together.  It is ancient. There are different stratas of life going on here at the same time, meaning some people continue to live as they did many years ago, but then there is this new modern element of people who are of higher crust society. 


So it’s like different groups of people here are in different time zones or phases of their life evolution. For some it’s simple, for others they are partying and they are more modern.

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