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Books by Debra Lynne Katz 

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"This book literally changed my life. I never thought of myself as psychic even though I have been fascinated by esoteric philosophy, yoga, etc. The idea of a psychic was totally outer limits. I don't even know why I picked up this book, but once I opened it, my world was a different place. I could not overestimate the value of this book. Whether you think you are psychic or not, this book will lead you through extremely practical, non-dogmatic, simple powerful steps. Debra's language is smart, clear, and her techniques work very well. This is not a fluffy, mushy book. It hits its mark like a laser. I read it twice and made extensive notes the second time around. And now I use these techniques every day. Not only can I intuitively read for others, I have tapped into a vein of truth for myself that has shifted my awareness so profoundly that my life took a 180 turn and I am now literally living the life of my dreams. And by the way, her other books, especially Freeing The Genie Within, are also invaluable!"  Amazon Reviewer

You Are Psychic 
The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing

This first work has sold hundreds of thousand copies in the United States and worldwide, mostly through word of mouth.  It has been translated into several different languages and continues to be a favorite choice as an invaluable guide offering clear and engaging instruction on developing your natural intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy. 

You are Psychic is one of the only books out there that focuses on clairvoyance, the specific psychic ability that allows you to see, experience and manipulate energy via images, pictures, and colors.


It’s one of the only psychic development books that discusses, “The business of spirituality”, psychic ethics, dealing with the stressors of being psychic in the mainstream world, how to do relationship readings, and how to read with other psychics.

Just reading the book is a healing experience – you may actually feel a physical shift or experience your energy body as you read the book, and you most certainly will when you practice the exercises

It’s one of the only books on the market that teaches you to control your abilities when ever you desire, and that teaches you to do readings on others.

It offers a clear understanding of how you are already being psychic and healing others without awareness and what you can do to reverse the effects of this unconscious use of our abilities.

It offers extremely helpful and useful transformative meditations that yield powerful and instant results.

This book is being used as text books in many schools that teach metaphysics, parapyschology and the spiritual arts.


In this inspirational first book, Katz demonstrates how these skills can be used with clients on a professional level or in real life settings, such as you home, or workplace - even in your own relationships.

"One of the great incidental benefits of developing your innate psychic abilities is the chance to grow internally, spiritually and emotionally - When we look at the lives and energies of others, we are frequently confronted with images of our own spirit, our own opportunities for growth and enlightenment."

- Debra Lynne Katz, 2004

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Extraordinary Psychic
Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities 

Released in 2008 by Llewellyn Publishing, this book is Debra's brilliant follow-up to You Are Psychic.  This second book successfully details actual techniques, meditations and exercises that will allow beginners to advanced students explore their psychic abilities.  It also serves by creating a framework and practice for professional psychics to fine-tune their intuitive skills.

This is a warm and practical guide offers true professional stories, and a wealth of fun exercises so that you can experience successful clairvoyant readings for yourself.

Topics such as communicating with one's guides, protecting oneself from harmful or troublesome entities, advanced techniques and concepts in healing, relationship healings, remote viewing and troubleshooting various challenges that come up when one is practicing readings are just a few topics of the many that are covered.

Professional psychic Debra Lynne Katz, author of the popular introductory guide You Are Psychic, offers clear and engaging instruction on developing your natural intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and telepathy. She demonstrates how these skills can be used with clients on a professional level or in real-life settings, such as your home or workplace--even in your own relationships. 

  • Become the intuitive, extraordinary psychic you truly are 

  • Heal yourself and others

  • View the past, present, and future* Manifest goals for peace, prosperity, and love

  • Understand the difference between clairvoyant reading and Remote Viewing

  • Communicate with your spirit guides and loved ones in spirit

  •  Learn how to perform psychic readings professionally or just for fun


I just finished reading your book "Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities." May I just say that I absolutely LOVED it! You are an extremely articulate, incredible author, but not just an author; you're an artist and an inspiration to young, budding Clairvoyants and Psychics alike such as myself! Ever since I began religiously following your techniques and your advice in your book on how to really focus and harness my Clairvoyant gift I have been giving quite accurate readings to people online and to friends and family. I have you and your amazing guidance to thank a million times over for that! And since I have been working with my Chakras on a daily basis for over a month now – opening, balancing and developing them as my core Psychic muscles – I have begun to Clairaudiently hear messages and certain energies when I give readings more so than I ever had before. And your section in the book about Clairaudience was very insightful and gave me a good perspective on this new happening for myself. So thank you once again!........Chris Bruder

"I purchased this book after first reading Debra Katz's book YOU ARE PSYCHIC. Let me put this bluntly, her first book totally changed my life and the way I understand this universe. This book built upon her first in such a way that no matter where you start reading, her techniques and insights WILL allow you to experience clairvoyant images. While her first book gave me the much needed psychic boot-camp, Extraordinary Psychic provides me even more insight into all areas of the psychic arena. This book is divided into four parts, the first introducing you to the clairvoyant techniques, and she follows with a section on remote viewing. I think in this book especially she has used her years of psychic experience to glitter the chapters with stories that will help you really understand what she is describing"......Psychic Alx

"Extraordinary Psychic is written in great depth and detail through the author's many years of experience and training. All of Katz's techniques are clear as quartz--and the best thing is that they work!" New Age Retailer, Holiday Issue 

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For anyone who has been disappointed in the many books which claim to tell you how to use "The Secret," this book has it all.  The fact is, manifesting what we want in life requires a number of things, including clearing away negative thoughts and beliefs, becoming focused and clear about what we want, using visualization, having patience, letting go of the past, among others.

A one time social worker and parole officer, she later became a professional clairvoyant and teacher and she is very honest about her own shortcomings. She is not all fluffy and "woo-woo," saying if you just do this, then that will happen. Getting what we want requires effort of the right kind, personal learning and growth and what we want does not always in the form we think it should but it does arrive.   Amazon Reviewer

Freeing the Genie Within
Manifesting Abundance, Creativity & Success in Your Life

Freeing the Genie is not just an innovative book, but a traveling companion to help you overcome obstacles on your spiritual path.  It offers numerous techniques and meditations to help you raise your frequency, get unstuck, and move forward with your goals. It helps empower readers to not only understand how powerful they really are, but to experience it.  Freeing the Genie Within teaches readers how to transform energy and matter into a higher form for the purposes of personal growth and abundance.  Examples of this transmutation include: Turning three dollars into $30,000; replacing an abusive relationship with a loving partnership; transmuting a chaotic, stressful life into a peaceful one; transforming negative thoughts or toxin spewing emotions into happy ones. This isn't just another "let's think positive, say a few affirmations and everything will come to you" book. Rather, this helps to answer the difficult question that many who have been on the path for years have been struggling with, which is: "Why does positive thinking work sometimes, but not others?". ​

Best Book on Manifesting I've Read! October 6, 2010
Like a lot of folks, I've read quite a bit about the Law of Attraction and even have read some of the follow on books on how to be more effective at manifesting. But this book is the first to give both a clear overview of how manifestation works and practical energy based techniques for ensuring that you are in alignment with manifesting what you want. I bought the Kindle version first because I like being able to scan through most books. But I found the exercises so useful I wanted to "clip" and print out each one and I reached my Kindle clipping limit, so I also bought a paper version! Definitely a keeper in my metaphysical library....By BookLover


Most Recent Review from Reader Julie B:


"I am very grateful to you and your books.  You Are Psychic is the first "new age" type of book that I read.  At the time, it was a big leap for me because my old Christian background gave me some really negative associations with the word Psychic and pretty much anything that smelled like new age, even though I felt strongly drawn to it.  When I finally got brave enough to explore, I picked out your book on Amazon and I'm so glad that I did! 


The grounding cord exercise cleared up the constant "white noise" issue that had always made me anxious when going in public.  I work at Walmart, and I remember what a relief it was for me that first day when I went in to work.  Blessed silence!  I wasn't aware of the white noise until it stopped.  The exercise where I learned to run Earth energy was so intense it immediately ended all doubts whether something was really happening.  I was 

able to use what you taught about distance healing to heal my parents' cat.  The vet said she wouldn't make it much past 24 hours, because her kidneys were failing.  I visualized her filled with green energy and willed her to be healed.  Within three days my parents were shocked and reported she was running around like a kitten.  That was four years ago and she is still healthy and behaving like a much younger cat.


The techniques for clairvoyant viewing have really helped me.  I find it easy to visualize the rose and pose questions.  That skill has since expanded to a point where I have had visions.  I am able to form images in my head to communicate with my energy systems.  (I see my energy meridians as cats and am able to check in on them with my mind's eye.)  The techniques for destroying/manipulating energy clairvoyantly have proven especially useful for me in regards to energy healing.  For instance, I can clear up my own indigestion by visualizing breaking up the food with a jackhammer.


It was the many successes I've had from your book that have led me down the path I'm on now.  I feel comfortable working with my guides and angels.  I've explored energy healing.  The long term result has been a huge improvement in my quality of life and all my important relationships.  Thank you!!"

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