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Remote Viewing 911 Project

Debra's Sessions Unpublished

In the Spring of 2014, Debra heard that the Farsight Institute, Led by Courney Brown who had been her instructor in an experimental Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing Course, was starting another project for his Farsight Mysteries Series, utilizing a handful of remote viewers. She asked if she could participate, as she had been viewing too many photos lately for another experiment with not enough operational targets, and subsequently completed 3 of the 7 assigned targets. Due to other projects, she was not able to complete the rest of the targets in a timely manner. Between that and the fact that two of the other viewers were previously selected be the main viewers involved, they really had extremely detailed sessions that went beyond initial target contact. Her sessions were not selected for the very interesting DVD project that can be found at this link. This DVD project demonstrates the phenomenal viewings of Dick Algire of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild (a long time newscaster in Hawaii) and Daz Smith, author of "CRV - Controlled Remote Viewing: Collected manuals & information to help you learn this intuitive art" and Editor of Eight Martini's Magazine.

The Following was the tasking for the 3 sessions (Target #10 a, #10 b, & 10 c) that Debra  completed and turned in for this blind project. (all of the sessions on this website were done blind, meaning Debra nor the other viewers had any idea what the subject matter was for any of the targets, merely they were simply given a target number only). These sessions represent an intermediate level of remote viewing utilizing Controlled Remote Viewing Methodology.  They are being presented here for those who have an interest in what really happened on September 11, 2001, on that fateful day at the World Trade Center. Given Debra had no conscious knowledge of the subject matter she was viewing, these do not represent her logical opinions about what transpired and she does not attempt to make any assumptions based on these subjects.  It's very likely these sessions contain a mixture of correct, incorrect and unknown descriptors.

View Target 10A

View Target 10B

View Target 10C Part 1 & 2

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